I work with wood to produce playfully sculpted, flowing forms; my aim is to tease the eye. I mainly hope my furniture will captivate people and make them smile.

Though sculptural in form and at times complex in construction, I attempt to keep my work lighthearted in concept. The inspiration for my designs is drawn more from the realm of fantasy than from stylistic precedents set by tradition. I favor the imaginative influences of Seuss, Carroll or Disney over those of the Sheratons and Chippendales of furniture history.

My studio work is driven primarily by a passion for working with fine wood veneers, whether in the context of pressing bent-lamination cores over a form, or in assembling free-form marquetry patterns. My use of veneer laminations as a decorative effect, integrated with hand-shaped solid wood components, often gives my furniture the appearance of having been melted or extruded, as though fashioned from metal or plastic. Those same characteristics that lend my furniture its visual flow also contribute to making interactions with my work into pleasantly tactile experiences.

In addition to building, I enjoy both engaging in the design process and having the opportunity to work through that process with others who are similarly enthusiastic about altering spaces. My commitment to fine craft is reflected in my studio work, in my custom furniture and interior installations, and in my design work alike.

(A brief) Biography

I spent my formative years in and around Boston, Massachusetts and earned a bachelor’s degree in Archaeology and Prehistory from the University of Sheffield in northern England. On my return to the States, I entered into a furniture-making apprenticeship with studio furniture makers Syron and Bishoff. Around the turn of the millennium, I started to develop a body of work of my own design. After several years spent as part of a co-operative wood shop, I set up my first independent studio in 2006 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I now design and build furniture in Baltimore's Station North Arts District. While I build in Baltimore, I am also studying for a master's degree in Museum Exhibition Design at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, D.C.

Juried Exhibitions and Gallery Shows:

Gallery 51, “Handmade: A look at Contemporary Craft.” Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams, MA, Winter, 2008.
The American Craft Council Wholesale/Retail Show, Baltimore, MD, 2008
CraftBoston, Boston, MA, 2006-2008
Fine Furnishings Show, Providence, RI, 2003-2008
Philadelphia Furniture and Furnishings Show, Philadelphia, PA, 2004-2005.

Selected Articles:

“Wood Works Wonders” Providence Journal, Lifebeat Section, October 21, 2007.
“A playful bent with curves and veneers,” New England Crafts Connoisseur, Volume 10 Issue 4, Summer 2007.
“Philadelphia Story,” Australian Wood Review, Spring 2005